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About The CDMC Ministry

The Christian Debutante-Master Dedication Commission (CDMC) introduces young people to Christian society and celebrates their transition to adulthood. Through its adult advisers, the CDMC reinforces the work of Christian education by providing guidance and information for relevant study and fieldwork activities. Young people participating in the CDMC have an opportunity to receive regular and special study programs for personal Christian development and creative leadership in the A.M.E. Church.

Our Motto



Our Theme


"Magnifying Christ as we reflect on the past, experience the present and focus on the future"

Our Scripture


"Oh magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together."

Psalm 34:3

Our Mission Statement

We, the members of the Christian Debutante-Master Commission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, endeavor to promote the principles and doctrines of Christian Education as set forth in the guidelines of this initiative. We will create an environment for spiritual growth and development of our youth through exploration of "spiritual gifts"; availing resources and remembrances that will guide, instruct and instill Christ-like attributes in our youth. Furthermore, we resolve to work collaboratively and diligently in fulfilling our commitment to "creating a future worthy of our past."

Our Purpose
The purpose of the Christian Debutante Master Commission is to provide guidance and information relevant to the study of the church, encourage spiritual growth and promote involvement in community activities.  It shall provide supplies needed for the preparation and presentation of a unified, coordinated ceremony on the Connectional, Episcopal District, Annual Conference, and Presiding Elder, Local church, Ecumenical and Community levels, as well as the liturgical requirements and all other ceremonial details. Each commissioner should be a self-starter, goal oriented, a motivator, a good role model and have a strong interest in youth.
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